Posted by Bruce Kahl on July 13, 2003

In Reply to: Butterflies posted by Leigh on July 13, 2003

: How did butterflies get there name, where did teh word butterfly come from???? can anyone help? please

From butterfly dot com:
"The Anglo-Saxons used the word 'butterfloege' because their most common butterfly was the yellow brimstone butterfly. This English influence was brought to the new world. In the colonies, people claimed that at night witches would turn into winged creatures and steal butter. In other languages the butterfly's name means 'licker of milk' and milk thief. So maybe they were not off the mark. In Russia they're called 'babochka' or 'little soul'. The ancient Greeks called butterflies 'Psyche' which also means 'soul.' Many cultures feel that when we die our souls go to heaven as butterflies. In France they are called 'papillon.' Parking tickets are called 'papillon' too, because they are big pieces of yellow paper. When they are placed under a windshield wiper they flap like a big yellow butterfly. The Sioux Indians called butterflies 'fluttering wings'. There are other stories which are not as pleasant. The Dutch word for butterfly, describes the color of when they go to the bathroom. It is a yellow drop from something that flies."