'envision' vs 'envisage'

Posted by GPP on August 01, 2003

I notice in my response to the 'Bring 'em on!' post immediately below, I used the word 'envision'. I've long wondered about 'envisage', a word I would never use, unless I were recalling someone's face. Onions 1934 Shorter OED gives 'envisage' 1. To look in the face of ; 2. To set before the mind's eye; to contemplate . The word 'envision' isn't even included in that dictionary.
M-W2 gives 'envisage' 1. To confront; face; meet squarely; 2. To view with the mind's eye, or conceptually; 3. To present (itself) to view or in aspect.
M-W2 gives 'envision' To contemplate in imagination, esp. as coming into being.

There are subtle differences here in these meanings, but I wonder about preferences for actual usage, in the US, Canada, UK, Oz, etc. Comments on this?