'envision' vs 'envisage'

Posted by Kit on August 01, 2003

In Reply to: 'envision' vs 'envisage' posted by GPP on August 01, 2003

: I notice in my response to the 'Bring 'em on!' post immediately below, I used the word 'envision'. I've long wondered about 'envisage', a word I would never use, unless I were recalling someone's face. Onions 1934 Shorter OED gives 'envisage' 1. To look in the face of ; 2. To set before the mind's eye; to contemplate . The word 'envision' isn't even included in that dictionary.
: M-W2 gives 'envisage' 1. To confront; face; meet squarely; 2. To view with the mind's eye, or conceptually; 3. To present (itself) to view or in aspect.
: M-W2 gives 'envision' To contemplate in imagination, esp. as coming into being.

: There are subtle differences here in these meanings, but I wonder about preferences for actual usage, in the US, Canada, UK, Oz, etc. Comments on this?

I generally use the word "envisage" rather than "envision", however my idiosyncratic use of language is well documented on this site. My trusty concise dictionary gives several meanings for the word "envisage", however for "envision" it simply says 'envisage, visualize'.