Posted by ESC on June 30, 2003

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: : THe proper meaning to the phrase cousins once removed.
: : What exactly does "once removed mean?"

: This has come up before a couple of times. If you go to the Discussion Forum Search Box and search for once removed you should find previous postings.

If you're doing a lot of genealogy, my advice is to get some software (I use Family Tree Maker). You type a name in the database. The software will "calculate" the relationship to you.

Removed means a generation away. The child of my first cousin is my "first cousin, once removed." The grandchild of my first cousin is my "first cousin, twice removed."

People on the same generational level are: First cousins, the first cousins' children are second cousins, their grandchildren are third cousins. And so forth.

After a few years of researching my family, I've decided we are all cousins. We have a branch of Martins, by the way.