Ten Four...Over and Out

Posted by Shae on July 17, 2003

In Reply to: Ten Four...Over and Out posted by Paul on July 17, 2003

: what is the meaning of 10-4? I find myself saying it on my Nextel every day, but have no idea what it means. Please Help.

Ooooh! Trying to remember my CB codes from way back in the good ol' days when my handle was Julius Caesar. 10-4 means 'Message understood' and is sometimes abbreviated to 'That's a 4!' 10-20 means 'location' as in 'what's your 20?' I'm fairly sure that the '10-' code has its origins in US police radio jargon.

As for 'Over and out,' you would be shot out of the water if you used the phrase on marine radio. 'Over' means 'I have finished speaking and am awaiting a reply.' 'Out' means 'I have finished the communication.' 'Over' and 'Out' should NEVER be used together in serious radio communication.