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Posted by Sa on August 18, 2001

In Reply to: Rex Stout quotation posted by R. Berg on August 18, 2001

: : From the Rex Stout Nero Wolfe book "Too Many Cooks" comes the following: "My heart was all I had and now that's gone, I should have put my bloody blinders on."

: : I'd like to know if this is an original Rex Stout quote or if the character who said it was repeating part of a poem or song etc. "Too Many Cooks" was published in 1938 so if it's from another source it's at least that old.

: : Thanks for any help or info you might have.

: : sar

: I don't know, but I found an interesting website while trying to find out: Avenarius's Book of Quotations. Avenarius cites your quote with "Too Many Cooks" as the source, implying that Stout originated it. Link is below, or use
: stout/cooks.htm

Thanks, R., I've been there. I think the quote is a Stout original, but others at the A&E NW Board think not. I found that site and posted it for the others, but they question whether the site op actually searches to make sure of the source or just posts interesting quotes from where ever they are found. Thanks.