Posted by Louise on September 24, 2001

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: : What is a "Renaissance Man"?
: : I apologize for probably needing a brief explanation of this time with your answer in order to understand its meaning.

: or a quick overview of the Renaissance, check this out ~natalew/Timeline.html-

: Following the "dark ages", exploration, art, archietecture, science, mathematics, metallurgy, music, navigation and just about everything else
: came booming back "into fashion". Many people became accomplished in certain disciplines, and some became highly accomplished in many of them. Today, someone with a good deal of ability in different arenas (cooking, music, computers, business savvy, gardening, mechanics, etc.) might be referred to as a "Renaissance Man". (Works for women too, of course).

The word Renaissance, used for a particular period in history, interprets literally as rebirth. A renaissance man would then be a man who has been re-born - like the Danny DeVito character in the film of the above name. Changed career to teaching and was re-born as a better person - out of ignorance and into the light of knowledge - etc and so on and so forth.