Deader than a doughnut

Posted by Chris on September 14, 2001

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: New Clue Found in Hoffa Case
: Friday September 7 6:06 PM ET

: DETROIT (AP) - In a break in one of the nation's biggest unsolved cases, a hair from Jimmy Hoffa was found in a car that a longtime friend was driving the day the former Teamsters boss vanished 26 years ago, The Detroit News reported Friday.

: .James Burdick, a Michigan lawyer who represented (Charles ``Chuckie'') O'Brien during the original investigation, called O'Brien a ``notorious big mouth'' who could not have kept such a secret.

: ``If (O'Brien) knew anything about it, he'd be deader than a doughnut 25 years ago,'' Burdick said Friday.
"deader than a doughnut" is just a colloquial variation on the more familiar "deader than a doornail" (See previous discussions on "doornail" further down this discussion page.)