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Posted by Masakim on September 02, 2001

In Reply to: Ashes posted by Faulknor on August 30, 2001

: Am looking for the origin of the phrase "getting one's ashes hauled."

Ashes, dumping the
To ejacukate. Also sometimes as 'to have one's ashes hauled', or 'emptying the trash', possibly from rhyming slang with ash. Ashe may be from a corruption of ASS, but spme suggest it may originate in the concept of the semen as a fluid that must be regularly vented to prevent a poisonous accumulation, an idea which dates back to medieval times and lives on in the modern notion of BLUE Balls. Current male American usage, but rarely heard in the UK.
(From The Slanguage of Sex, 1985, by Brigid McConville & John Shearlaw)

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