Chief Seattle quote

Posted by Eric Knickerbocker on September 12, 2001

In Reply to: Chief Seattle quote posted by ESC on January 29, 2000

Hey ESC!

Thanks for clearing that up. You know, I smelled a skunk the first time I read the quote anyway. The term "Humankind" sounded a little too politically correct for a "red man" speaking in 1854! It bothered me, as I recently included the quote on one of my webpages, and try to be painstakingly precise and thorough on everything I present on my website--a sort of badge of honor if you will. Incidentally, I still do include it, as I like its message--though I attach a more spiritual significance to it--but I cite it as "-Ted Perry, from the 1972 movie _Home_ (often fallaciously attributed to the Suquamish Indian tribal leader, Chief Seattle)."

Indeed, the quote is definitely bogus. Probably one of the better sites that verifies your statements can be found at: If anyone would like to see more information, simply run the following search: Like you, I am bothered by false information, and it seems far too many people have become sloppy in double checking their facts. I guess they just don't care, but I hate misinformation with a passion.

Thanks again--yours was the first that came up in my web search, which led me on to confirm without doubt that what you said was true.

God Bless,
-Eric Knickerbocker (Mr. Renaissance)