"Get the Hell out of Dodge."

Posted by ESC on September 17, 2001

In Reply to: "Get the Hell out of Dodge." posted by Andrew Plummer on September 17, 2001

: Does anyone know where the expression "Get the Hell out of Dodge" comes from? I assume an old western movie or television show. Please let me know... Thanks

It refers to a real place. (See below.) I don't know if someone actually said it or if it's a movie cliche. I couldn't find it in my movie quotes books. Anyone?
www.dodgecity.org/ framesets/history_frameset.html
"Dodge City is a pure definition of the West... a gateway to history that began with the opening of the Santa Fe Train by William Becknell in 1821 and became a great commercial route between Franklin, Missouri and Santa Fe, New Mexico until 1880. Thousands of wagons traveled the Mountain Branch of the trail which went west from Dodge City along the north bank of the Arkansas River into Colorado."