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Posted by Bruce Kahl on September 13, 2001

In Reply to: posted by Lori on September 13, 2001

: Can anybody help me translate these mottoes into Latin?

: Blood and Steel

: Guns in the Sky

: Death in the Night

: Bringer of Death

: Thank you.

Some words--steel and guns--did not exist back in 100 B.C.
So I put in the closest equivalent.

Also I am not sure how to construct the noun "bringer" out of the verb.
But "Casso" which means "to bring to naught, destroy, annul or make void" really really fits the bill.

Blood and Steel
Ferum cruento

Guns in the Sky
Armae ex caelum

Death in the Night
Letum in nox nocte

Bringer of Death
Casso leto

Word List

cruento: to make bloody, stain with blood.
ferrum: iron, sword.

arma weapon
caelum : sky, heaven.
ex from or out of

letum : death, ruin, annihilation.
nox noctis : night

casso : to bring to naught, destroy, annul, make void.
letum : death, ruin, annihilation