People in glass houses

Posted by ESC on December 28, 2001

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: : : : : can someone explain me please what is it subconcept?

: : : : : I took it from the sentece: Although the four conservation principles initially appear simple, they contain subconcepts.....

: : : : If you take the view that the word should be 'sub-concepts' then all becomes clear. This is an example of the sloppy use of the English language leading to unnecessary, and unintended, confusion.

: : : : The subject title that you gave to your posting - 'word that I can't finf in the dictionary' - is also sloppy usage of the language - capitalizing 'i' and changing the spelling of 'finf' to 'find' adds considerable clarity to your question.

: : : I also notice that another word you use - 'sentece' - does not appear in the dictionary.

: : And a merry Christmas to you.

: Make that: Merry Christmas.

And further more, the word was "subconcept" at all the Web sites I visited.