"You make a better door than a window"

Posted by Dave on November 25, 2001 at

My mother used this phrase anytime I blocked the view of the television. I understand the intent.
However, the word order is odd. After she passed away, I set about to find the source of her
favorite phrase, to no avail. I travel about the USA as a trainer, and use it as an 'ice-breaker' many
weeks. The phrase is fairly well known, but with no particular regional correlation. I suspected it to
be a 'literal translation' from her native Polish-language childhood, or possibly a chatch-phrase
from a depression era radio show (the history of her other favorite saying, 'now you're cooking with
gas', was explained to me by an older neighbor once).

Google has a few pages with some informal research similar to my own, but nothing definitive.
I have no reference library to draw upon, and would appreciate the help of the many wise and
experienced word-smiths on this site.

PS: If you find it on a website, I will add that link to my home page.

...thx. Dave @travelin-tigers