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Wake up and smell the coffee

Posted by ESC on January 07, 2002

In Reply to: Wake up and smell the roses? posted by Ed Williams on January 07, 2002

: A couple of weeks ago on "Who want to be a millionaire?" a question came up as follows: Complete the following phrase "wake up and smell the......?" both I and the quizz program said it was "Roses", but my girlfriend and dad seem to think its "coffee", could somebody please solve the question and tell me where the phrase came from?
: Please email the answer to:

: Thanks, Ed

It is "stop and smell the roses." And "wake up and smell the coffee." I tried to determine the origin of the coffee phrase but didn't get a response. From a previous discussion:

"I've seen the phrase used frequently in a newspaper advice column in the U.S. But I can't remember if it is "Dear Abby" or her sister "Ann Landers" who advises clueless people to "wake up and smell the coffee." Meaning "face the facts."

: : "Ann Landers" but I'm not sure if originated it, or just popularized it.

: I'm sure it didn't originate with Ms. Landers. But I couldn't find it in any of my reference books.

PS. I just e-mailed Ms. Landers. But I'm not optimistic about getting a reply soon. I read an article about her column -- she gets 2,000 snail mail letters per DAY. So she's a busy woman."

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