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Posted by R. Berg on January 18, 2002

In Reply to: Shakespeare posted by Mari on January 18, 2002

: i'm kinda probably doin' things backwards here, but I need some phrases shakespeare made up that we use today. I know he invented some words too and I have some examples of that, but i really would appreciate some phrases. any suggestions would be very appreciated!

Typing "shake" into the Search box in the phrase-search portion of this site will bring you a lot of Shakespearean quotations. (Nonsubscribers can get a password that's good for one day of free use of the search service, if they've never done that before.) Another on-line resource is, whose Reference section has searchable books of quotations. And, of course, there are books of quotations made of paper and designed to be held and leafed through.

Be careful about those words you "know" he "invented." I've seen words attributed to Shakespeare's invention that existed long before Shakespeare did.

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