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: : Appart from the obvious fish reference.
: : A mullet is a dodgey 70's haircut, long almost shoulder length at the back and sides, layered as it reaches the ears finishing with a fringe and short ( maybe 2 inches long ) sticking up on the top of the head. The most famous exponent used to be British DJ Pat Sharp, now thankfully cut short.

: There is another, and somewhat older slang reference. A mullet, which is (literally) a fish reportedly so stupid that it will take almost any bait, was adopted as slang by stock brokerage "boilerroom" operators as a term for an investor gullible enough to fall for any sales pitch revolving around a "story" stock. My sources in that shady industry tell me another word for mullet is "dentist."

: The name for the haircut came a little later, and it is appropriate inasmuch as it reduces the wearer's IQ to room temperature. There was a recent New Yorker magazine cartoon with a mullet-wearer in a barber chair, telling the barber "leave it long in the back so I can look like a nincompoop." (That got put up on the refrigerator.) whatis.html