"Rubber Chicken"

Posted by Bob on December 03, 2001

In Reply to: "Rubber Chicken" posted by ESC on December 03, 2001

: : In current comedy the phrase "rubber chicken" is occaisionally used. Can anyone provide insight into the meaning (I suspect vulgar!) or origin of this phrase please?

: Sometimes a rubber chicken is just a rubber chicken. Anyone have a different take on the subject? There are rubber chicken "novelty items," although what's funny about that escapes me. Then, isn't there an expression, "the rubber chicken circuit"? A lecture tour, etc., where the presenter has to dine at a series of banquets featuring rubbery chicken?

A rubber chicken is ALWAYS funny, like a spit take, bodily noises, and the word "pickle." It's gold, Jerry, pure gold. As for banquets on the rubber chicken circuit, yes, they exist too, and they're NEVER funny.