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I need to finish this sentance...PLEASE HELP!!!

Posted by Jeremy Prior on December 18, 2001

In Reply to: I need to finish this sentance...PLEASE HELP!!! posted by Bruce Kahl on December 12, 2001

: : I want to rejoice in your success and (oppsoite of rejoice) in your (opposite of ...

There is no real opposite of "rejoice" because you can't un-rejoice. The opposite of rejoicing is really to be depressed about or to be under-whelmed by or to be indifferent to - ignore etc.
So the true opposite is not really possible.

Most attempts point towards mourning or grieving someone's failures but failure isn't a loss as such it's only a lack of success. So we can't really use grieve or mourn. I'm working on this one! If I can solve it I'll put another follow up in.

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