Blue Moon (of Kentucky?)

Posted by Bob on October 20, 2005

In Reply to: Equinoxes posted by ESC on October 19, 2005

: : : We've discussed this phrase before. And a beautiful moon it is in Kentucky. Go to the link to see a picture.

: : : Posted on Tue, Oct. 18, 2005
: : : Herald Leader (Lexington, Ky.)
: : : mld/kentucky/12929648.htm Accessed October 18, 2005.
: : :
: : : Hunter's Moon lights October night scene

: : : At one time, the full moon of October was known as the Hunter's Moon, or the Blood Moon.

: : : That's because the crops were in (thanks to September's Harvest Moon) and hunters could stay out all night, using bright moonlight to track the game needed to get through winter...

: : :

: : So none of this has to do with the autumnal equinox? If it's September, it's the harvest moon, and October the hunter's moon? Is there a "first full moon after the equinox" name, or am I thinking about the vernal equinox and something about Passover and Easter?

: Beats me. Here's some stuff from previous discussions. Somebody needs to write a moon phrase book.

: from Accessed 1999.
: Traditional names given to each month's full moon from the "Old Farmer's Almanac"
: January Wolf Moon
: Feb Snow Moon
: March Worm Moon
: April Pink Moon
: May Flower Moon
: June Strawberry Moon
: July Buck Moon
: August Sturgeon Moon
: Sept Harvest Moon
: October Hunter's Moon
: Nov Beaver Moon
: Dec Cold Moon

: And...
: Black moon - 2 new moons in 1 month
: Blue moon - 2 full moons in 1 month

The blue moon is the second one in that month. Can any mathematicians/astronomers/almanac readers tell us how often "once in a blue moon" occurs?