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Posted by Russ Cable on October 12, 2005

In Reply to: Turkey posted by R. Berg on October 12, 2005

: : In bowling when a person gets three strikes in a row it is called a Turkey. What originated Turkey as a term for three strikes in a row?

: My slang dictionaries don't say. I always assumed the reason was the similar sounds of "turkey" and "three" or "third," but I don't really know.

A few sites say it's because turkeys were given as prizes to the first person in a tournament to get 3 in a row but that seems unlikely to me. Going along with R. Berg, perhaps it is the similarity between turkey and thirty (the score given in the first frame of the turkey). I also think the number 30 looks a little like a turkey (3 is the head/neck and the feet and the 0 is the big fat body - I have a vivid imagination obviously ^_^ ).

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