Named and blamed

Posted by David FG on October 03, 2005

In Reply to: Named and blamed posted by ESC on October 02, 2005

: : On a Translation website, there's a request to translate thhe saying, "named and blamed" into Spanish. My first challenge is to understand the context of this saying (I haven't heard it in the U.S.). Does it mean that someone is being targeted and takes the fall, or does it mean that one is found-out and therefore shamed?

: I've not heard that either in the U.S. Sounds like it means "fingered" or someone who is a scapegoat or "fall guy."

The version common in the UK is 'named and shamed' and refers most commonly to the practice of publicising the identities of offenders in order to bring their offences to public attention, thus 'shaming' them. At least, that is the intention.