Movie lingo from the 40s

Posted by ESC on October 18, 2005

This article is chock full of phrases.

Gaffers, grips and best boys often 'strike babies' and 'kill blondes' on movie sets print
By BOB THOMAS | Associated Press
October 14, 2005 news/33704.html Accessed October 18, 2005.

(AP) - EDITOR'S NOTE: One in an occasional series on the lore and culture of Hollywood. The author has been covering the movie world for the AP for more than 60 years.

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ MGM in the mid-1940s was a reporter's paradise. The mammoth sound stages were abuzz with at least eight features at once, with such names as Gable, Astaire, Stewart, Garland, Rooney, Kelly, Garson, Barrymore and Ball. All were available for interviews, or at least a brief chat between scenes...