They're all queer

Posted by Smokey Stover on October 16, 2005

In Reply to: They're all queer posted by Hilary Blower on October 15, 2005

: There is a saying which goes something like "They're all queer, 'cept me and thee - and thee's a bit peculiar! (or "and I am not too sure about thee")"; meaning everyone is a little strange except us two, and come to think of you are a little bit odd.

: I thought it had a Yorkshire derivation but I can't think where I heard it first. Does anyone know the origin and correct wording of the phrase?

This is close, but I'm not entirely sure about it. "All the world is queer save me and thee; and sometimes I think thee a little queer.
- Quaker saying." I have also heard it a little closer to: "I sometimes think that all the world is queer but me and thee, dear; and sometimes I think thee a little queer, too." SS