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Posted by Smokey Stover on July 02, 2007

In Reply to: Everything posted by ESC on July 01, 2007

: : : What do you call a man who can do everything such as being sophisticated and then being a very handy man and good at everything from books to sports?

: : Is 'Renaissance Man' the phrase you're looking for?

: I don't know but give me his phone number. If he's good-looking and a lover, we got a deal.

Another word is polymath. Leonardo da Vinci, for instance, is often called a Renaissance man, also a polymath, also a homo universalis. From the Wikipedia, s.v. polymath: "a person of encyclopedic learning ... Renaissance man or Homo universalis are common terms to describe a person well educated, or who excels, in a wide variety of subjects or fields... Polymaths also are described as persons with encyclopedic, broad, or varied knowledge or learning....

A polymath may be a person who knows a great deal about several fields of study, a person who has proficiency and competence in multiple fields, or even a person who has excelled in multiple fields."