Throw the dolly out of the pram

Posted by ESC on July 04, 2007

In Reply to: Throw the dolly out of the pram posted by Ahmad Ragab on July 04, 2007

: What does the phrase "threw their dolly of the pram" reference and what does it mean exactly? Here is the sentence in which I found this phrase:

: It is hardly surprising, then, that when someone came along and challenged the version of history on which their new-found importance in society was to be based, they threw their dolly out of the pram, as the prison wardens in the prison in which I worked used to put it to describe the actions of a prisoner who had lost his temper.

What I think: a baby or small child in a pram or (as we say in the United States) baby carriage or stroller. He or she is mad/angry and throws a doll-baby and maybe his bottle, for good measure, out of the pram.