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Homer's Odyssey

Posted by Smokey Stover on May 14, 2007

In Reply to: Homer's Odyssey Posted by Melvin on May 14, 2007

: I'm looking for some phrases that originate from Homer's Odyssey. I've tried hard to find them, but in here it was a bit hard to find somewhat exact info. So if people can give me some, and might also give me a link or some other background info that would be really nice!

Yours is a hard quest, since you say you want "exact info." That would be the Greek original, as translations are not "exact," generally speaking. If you have tried hard, then you know also that Homer is not necessarily a single poet whose "Odyssey" remained always the same. I suggest, however, that you look for "Homer, quotations" on the Internet, possibly using Google. Or you can limit your search for just "Homer Odyssey quotations."

Here, as a sample, are three among many:

It is equally wrong to speed a guest who does not want to go, and to keep one back who is eager. You ought to make welcome the present guest, and send forth the one who wishes to go.
It is tedious to tell again tales already plainly told.
Look now how mortals are blaming the gods, for they say that evils come from us, but in fact they themselves have woes beyond their share because of their own follies.
I found these, and many more, at:

There are many more that may be useful.