Lock 'n Load

Posted by Curious George on June 21, 2007

In Reply to: Lock 'n Load posted by Elwin C. Hall on June 20, 2007

When I was in the US Army, we'd be instructed to "lock and load", meaning for us to lock a magazine or clip of live ammo into our weaopons and then load the first round into the chamber by pulling back the charging handle and letting if fly forward, picking up the first round from the magazine on it's way. It was also generally used to indicate "getting ready" for something big. Upon completion of preparations for a big trip, one might say "I'm locked and loaded". Or, if someone was going to approach a girl in a bar, he might say to his friends as he got up..."lock and load".

: Reference "Lock 'n Load" posted by Russell on September 08, 2005:" What does the term lock and load mean?"

: Is the phrase Load 'n Lock; or lock 'n load? One must load a round into the weapon's chamber then lock the bolt before the gun can be fired.