Roger, Over and Out

Posted by The Duke of URL on June 03, 2007

Roger has been answered. I can only add that since the communication was so unreliable it was necessary for the recipient to acknowledge that he HEARD the message by responding "Rodger". "I copy" might be used today in the same way.

"Over" was used because the voice line was not "duplexed" I one person were talking it would cut off the other person. Today's voice lines basically have one line going and another line coming so that nothing gets cut off. Hence, "duplexed". You say, "over" it means to the other person that you are finished with your statement and now the other person can say something.

Out meant "i am now hanging up" so over and out meant if you have nothing more to say, I am now going to end the transmission. There was no dial tone to tell the other side was dead air. These words are simply no longer necessary, today. We know you heard, that is the default. you can talk whenever you want, and a dial tone tells you that the other person is "out". :)))