Fiddling while Rome burns--Reply to LCC

Posted by LCC on December 10, 1999

In Reply to: Fiddling while Rome burns--Reply to LCC posted by bluebaron on December 09, 1999

: : : In this case, the fiddling is euphemistic, but the burning actual. Refers to the Emperor Nero, who "fiddled around" while Rome actually was burning.

: : For such erudition we may award a prize, but not yet.

: : I have a direct modern equivalent 'Pissing down with rain'

: ...the riposte, while witty, is more rude than erudite, I humbly submit...and much too literal

: : In this case, the pissing is euphemistic, but the raining actual. Refers to the fact that the rain is falling in steady streams and not a series of separated droplets.

Perhaps it's the lack of any connection to an independent source that's the problem. Simply to assert is seldom sufficient and can lead to 'Urban Myths' and gross misunderstandings.