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Rod McKuen

Posted by Bruce Kahl on November 30, 1999

In Reply to: Cant' find rest of the saying posted by lisa on November 28, 1999

: Hi. I need A bit of help trying the find the rest of this saying. I found it a while back and wrote it down, but half of the paper was torn away. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
: For every star that falls to earth, a new one glows. For every dream that fades away a new one grows. When things.....

I'll Say Good-Bye
Now that the summer's come and gone I'll say good-bye.
Now that the winter's comin' on I'll say good-bye.
I'm not the first man or the last
who had a thirst to leave the past.
So while the autumn rain is falling I'll say good-bye.
For every star that falls to earth a new one glows.
For every dream that fades away a new one grows.
When things are not what they would seem
you must keep following your dream.
So while my heart is still believing I'll say good-bye.
Love is a sweet thing caught a moment
and held in a golden eye.
You can borrow it but never own it
after awhile it says good-bye.
Heavy's the heart that has to turn and say good-bye.
But as we love so do we learn, I'll say good-bye.
Cage a bird he will not sing
I can't be caged in by a ring.
So while the chilly wind is blowing I'll say good-bye.
So as the winter says hello I'll say good-bye.
I never did like snow I'll say good-bye.
I'm just a man and nothing more
in the face of love I'll close the door.
Because another road is calling I'll say good-bye.
~Rod McKuen

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