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Rabbit and pork

Rack and ruin

Rack your brains

Rag, tag and bobtail

Raining cats and dogs

Raining stair-rods

Raise Cain

Rank and file

Raspberry tart

Raze to the ground

Rat arsed

Read between the lines

Read the riot act

Real McCoy

Red-handed (caught)

Red-letter day

Red herring

Red in tooth and claw

Red rag to a bull - A

Red sky at night ...

Red tape

Reduplicated phrases

Religion is the opium of the people

Rest on his laurels

Revenge is a dish best served cold

Rhyme nor reason

Rhyming slang

Richard of York gave battle in vain

Richard the Third

Riddle wrapped up in an enigma - A

Riding shotgun


Riley - the life of

Ring a ring o'roses, a pocketfull of posies, atishoo, atishoo, all fall down

Ring down the curtain


Ring the changes


Rise and shine

Road less travelled - The

Road apples

Road rage

Road to hell is paved with good intentions - The

Roasted to a turn

Rob Peter to pay Paul

Rock and roll

It's not rocket science

A rolling stone gathers no moss

Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?

Rose by any other name would smell as sweet - A

Rose is a rose is a rose

Rosie Lea

Rough diamond

Round Robin

Route one

Rub of the green

Rule of thumb

Rum do


Run a mile

Run amok

Run of the mill

Run out of steam

Run rings around

Run the gauntlet