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A list of phrases about colour

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A list of phrases about colour

A list of phrases about colourColourful language. Here it is:

A red rag to a bull

As black as Newgate's knocker

As brown as a berry

As white as snow

Baby blues

Black sheep of the family


Blonde bombshell

Blue blood

Blue-plate special

Bolt from the blue

Born with a silver spoon in one's mouth

Browned off

Brownie points

Carte blanche

Caught red-handed

Coat of many colours

Colour up


Cordon bleu

Devil and the deep blue sea

Driving while black

Every cloud has a silver lining

Green eyed monster

In the pink

In the red

It came like a bolt from the blue

Join the colours

Once in a blue moon

Paint the town red

Purple patch

Raspberry tart

Red herring

Red in tooth and claw

Red letter day

Red sky at night ...

Red tape

Red-handed caught

Rub of the green

See red

Shrinking violet

Silver bullet

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

The Yellow Peril

Tickled pink

True blue

Wave a red rag to a bull


You'll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent