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A list of phrases about clothes and fashion

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A list of phrases about clothes and fashion

A list of phrases about clothes and fashionFrom 'A feather in your cap' to 'Winter draws on', we like to talk about what we wear. Here's a selection of the best known phrases and sayings about clothes and fashion:

A feather in one's cap

À la mode

A stitch in time saves nine

A wolf in sheep's clothing

Bee in your bonnet

Belt and braces

Best bib and tucker

Bodice ripper

Buckle down

Clog up

Dressed to the nines

Fancy pants

Fashion victim

Goody two-shoes


Handle with kid gloves

Hat trick

Hush puppies

I will wear my heart upon my sleeve

If the shoe fits

Keep it under your hat

Knock into a cocked hat



Men in suits

Mutton dressed as lamb

Nip and tuck

Old hat

On the button

On with the motley

Power dressing

Put a sock in it

Put on the wooden overcoat

Put on your thinking cap

Run the gauntlet

Set one's cap at

Sloane Ranger

Smart casual

Talk through one's hat

Thinking cap

Throw your hat into the ring


To big for your breeches

To big for your boots

To boot

Wear the trousers

Wear your heart on your sleeve

Whistle and flute

Winter drawers on

You look as if you've been dragged through a hedge backwards