Strike me pink.

Posted by Smokey Stover on April 02, 2005

In Reply to: Where did this come from? posted by David FG on March 30, 2005

: : Strike me Pink.

: : Can anyone explain it's origin and the correct meaning.

: : Thanks

: I don't know the origin (I'm sure that someone on here will be more help) but the meaning is just an expletive: something like 'stone me', or 'good grief' or any one of hundreds that don't actually mean anything much but are used to express surprise or disbelief.


Yes, I agree with David, but with some "nuance." "Strike me pink!" would be modeled on, I think, "Strike me dead!" This could mean surprise, as in "Well, I'll be damned!" On the other hand, if the modeling is complete, then it could mean "May God strike me pink," in analogy with "May God strike me dead [if I'm not telling the truth]!" I wonder if the speaker of the phrase would rather be almost anything, even dead, than be pink. SS