The word "anywho"

Posted by A.e. on April 01, 2005

As to the word "anywho" discussed back in January of this year... I heard it used by Gracie Allen in an old Burns and Allen radio show. It is the 1938 radio show entitled Gracie Reads Frank Parker's Telegram. You can listen to this at: otr/telegram.ram (the main page is otr/otr.htm#comedy)
The use of the word "anywho" by Gracie occurs around 13 minutes and 12 seconds or so into the radio show.

Also, supposedly the Australian Slang Dictionary has "anyhoo" listed in it as a slang conjunction of any'ow (any how).

"Anywho" is certainly used in everyday written and verbal communication in the States. I wish I could find an instance of it in a dictionary or other such reference.