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Can it

Posted by Smokey Stover on March 26, 2005

In Reply to: Can it posted by SR on March 25, 2005

: : can anybody shed some light?
: : another phrase I grew up with (can it)and still use
: : that means to stop what you are doing,
: : be finished,
: : quit,
: : cease and desist,
: : Generally used to halt annoying, useless,or bad behavior.
: : I believe it originated in hollywood
: : when a film was finished it went into the can (film canister)
: : ie, when they were done editing they 'caned it'
: : it also has seen use as a term
: : to throw something away
: : as in the 'garbage can'
: : (cast off the bad behavior/action and adopt new)
: : which reminds me...
: : how did the garbage can get to be called 'file thirteen' ?

: In our locale many people "can" fruits and vegetables for later consumption after the growing and the harvest. I have used "can it" in a dismissive way when talking with someone and not really having the time to listen to all they have to say.
: Also, when we are recording songs and stories in the studio and have a work in progress but not yet completed, we say it is "in the can."
: Film, movies, are stored in cans or cannisters.
: The "can" is also another name for the toilet.

In my neighborhood "can it!" did not mean stop what you are doing, it mean "Shut up!" SS

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