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Proverbs :HELP!!!

Posted by Dougan on March 15, 2005

Okay I wanted to know what this proverb means.

*He who laughs last laughs best

And if you can, please tell me a proverb or idiom for each meaning.there is the beginning word or words to the proverb in brackets after each sentence.::

*Always keep a lofty goal before you.(Hitch...)

*Things that seem to good often arent as they appear to be.(All is not gold...)

*As long as you are alive, you can expect criricism.(Nobody kicks...)

*Various influences in our lives cause us to become what we eventually become.(As the twig...)

So if you know any meanings or proverbs for this, even if it is just one, I would appreciate it if you could tell me by tonight or tomorrow morning which is the 15th. Also if you have any idea where I could find these kinds of things, please get back to me hopefully before tommorrow morning. Thank you so much. I appreciate your efforts.

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