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Take care, TCB

Posted by TheFallen on November 17, 2002

In Reply to: Take care of TCP posted by Barny on November 17, 2002

: : There is a lyric in the song, "Respect" by Otis Redding (Aretha Franklin's recording) that goes, "Take care of TCP." Does anyone know what TCP stands for?

: It's a type of antiseptic mouthwash/disinfectant.

Barney's absolutely right, but I don't think that TCP is a known brand name in the US, and anyway it struck me as a little unlikely that Aretha would be exhorting her listeners to look after their disinfectant.

A little research reveals that what Aretha *really* sings is this:-

Find out what it means to me
Take care, TCB
Oh, sock it to me, sock it to me [etc.]

TCB was a slangy acronym used at the time standing for Take Care of Business. The Temptations apparently had an album out in roughly the same period called TCB - Takin' Care Of Business.