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Resident of Alton

Posted by Mary on July 27, 2000

Resident of Alton. --Saying that someone is wrong without evidence to support your own claims
is unjust and not very adamant. I understood Frankie's light hearted witticism about teenagers
in "Fat Chance" and even found an obvious validity towards it. Scott Marsden's view about "Sweet Fanny Adam's" to me was interesting because facts of a murder and expressions from the murder could have evolved or have double meanings. Those two and others use light witty humor from time to time which breaks up some of the mundane historical facts.
Try to use words less harsh like: "incorrect," "my opinion," "my experience" or "in my neck of the woods this is how we use the expression".
You will find then, a very friendly, intellectually stimulating and enlightening array of topics, expressions AND PEOPLE. This isn't a forum for verbal jousting.
Please stay because we value everyone's input. Being cordial will make your responses interesting.
To everyone else, my apologies for this interruption.