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Fay knights

Posted by RRC on June 01, 2006

In Reply to: Fay knights posted by Stuart on June 01, 2006

: In Reply to: Feign Knights posted by David FG on January 04, 2005

: I too was wondering about this a couple of years ago. We used 'Fay knights' in the South London area when I was a kid (I accept that 'Feign Knights' is probably far more likely as an origin, whatever that means!)but friends from North London have no idea what I'm on about!
: Interestingly though about a year ago I was watching an early episode of Fools & Horses and Del did something to Rodney and immediately held up crossed fingers and claimed 'Fay Nites!'.
: Great relief, I hadn't imagined it after all!
: If anyone has any idea of the origin please let me know, it sounds like old English to me but who knows?!!

Really WAG (wild *ss guess) here, but after reading the previous discussion:
I was wondering if "feign I" could be related to something like "playing dead - ignore me"? But what would I know -- we used to say "king's X" when I was a kid.