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"That's when he drank the Kool-Aid"

Posted by Brian from Shawnee on June 22, 2005

In Reply to: "That's when he drank the Kool-Aid" posted by Bob on June 22, 2005

: : : "That's when he drank the Kool-Aid"

: : : From a Law and Order episode.
: : : A friend of the defendant describing how his buddy crossed the line into extreme religious zeal.

: : Good one.

: It is a good one, and I've been hearing it in other (quasi-religious) contexts. People who fervently buy into the rah-rah Wal-Mart Way, or some pyramid scheme like Amway. They could also be classified as religions, I suppose, if you want to see it that way....

There is a nationally syndicated talk-radio commentator who in the past has urged Senator John McCain to "lay off the Kool-Aid" when the Senator has taken a position that coincides with the Democrats' position on one matter or another.

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