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Elegant sufficiency & squeaking

Posted by Lotg on October 19, 2004

I recall a rather pretentious friend (read acquaintance) of mine once telling her boyfriend that she'd drunk an 'elegant sufficiency'.

I remember at the time thinking - ahhhhhhhh.... no, you're drunk - 'para', 'p*ssed as a newt', 'gonzo', ratsh*t, etc.

She then reeled off a series of apparently lady-like terms for less than lady-like behaviour. eg. I have fluffed - I squeaked. What the...???

As a girl from the bush, I considered all of this to be a serious case of BS. Yes indeed, we are inclined to 'talk straight' when we're from the bush. Fluffing is what we always called f*rting, squeaking - well to be frank, I never figured that one out.

So - my question here is, does anyone else have any other pretentious - supposedly lady-like terms I can use to cover up for primal/ignorant behaviour, AND does anyone else have the faintest idea what 'squeaking' is??? Cos - I have to admit - I never did figure out that whole 'squeaking' thing. Squealing - well yeah OK, I can work with that possibility, but SQUEAKING???