phrase thesaurus

A list of phrases containing the word "son"...

  • Every mother's son
  • Go on my son
  • His father's son
  • Leicester's Favourite Son ( Nickname of Gary Lineker )
  • Like father, like son
  • My son the doctor
  • Number one son
  • On me 'ead, son
  • On me head son ( Invitation to cross a football so that another player can head it )
  • Son of Sam ( Nickname of David Berkowitz )
  • Son of a gun
  • Son of a whore ( a bastard, or a general term of abuse )
  • Steptoe and Son ( BBC comedy television series )
  • The shoemaker's son always goes barefoot
  • Tom Tom the pipers son stole a pig and away he ran ( line from nursery rhyme )
  • You dirty old man ( A catchphrase from Steptoe and Son )

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