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I hereby dub thee

Posted by David FG on July 19, 2007

In Reply to: I hereby dub thee posted by R. Berg on July 18, 2007

: : "I hereby dub thee" - I`m not sure it can be counted as a phrase, but I do wanna know what does this means.

: : =

: "Dub" means to give a name or a title to someone. You never just dub a person, period; you dub the person *something*. You might dub your dog Spot. You might dub your little brother Nuisance of the Century, unless Spot has prior claim to that title. ~rb

Probably commonest in the (apocryphal) phrase:

'I dub thee Knight. Arise, Sir John.'

Supposedly said by the Queen/King when she/he creates a knight; though apparently she/he says no such thing.