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More holes than a june bride

Posted by ACME on November 11, 2004

In Reply to: More holes than a june bride posted by Lotg on November 10, 2004

: : : I have recently heard this quote used. I understand it to mean that there are a lot of holes and has a sexual connotation but had never heard it before. Does anyone know the derivation? TIA.

: : I get no hits on that phrase

: : Tho for what it's worth, "hotter than a June bride" is pretty common, esp "in a feather bed"--DH

: Definitely not one of the most charming phrases we've seen. You're right RJ about the sexual connotation, can't imagine what else there is to add.

Mixed metaphor -- the official version is 'more holes than a Fren*h w*ore' Not a very PC thing to be talking about here, and I suggest that Gary zap this trhead immediately.

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