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I agree with Bob & DH

Posted by Lotg on November 11, 2004

In Reply to: I vote for not zapping posted by DH on November 11, 2004

: : : : : : I have recently heard this quote used. I understand it to mean that there are a lot of holes and has a sexual connotation but had never heard it before. Does anyone know the derivation? TIA.

: : : : : I get no hits on that phrase

: : : : : Tho for what it's worth, "hotter than a June bride" is pretty common, esp "in a feather bed"--DH

: : : : Definitely not one of the most charming phrases we've seen. You're right RJ about the sexual connotation, can't imagine what else there is to add.

: : : Mixed metaphor -- the official version is 'more holes than a Fren*h w*ore' Not a very PC thing to be talking about here, and I suggest that Gary zap this trhead immediately.

: : I'm the first in line to zap threads that stray from the mission, degenerate into ad hominem dreariness, or waste brain cells. But ... as vulgar and inelegant as this discussion is, your explanation was enlightening, about a phrase I had never heard before, and resolved the question. Thanks. We do get, from time to time, phrases that offend. But that seems like part of the purpose of this site. De gustibus...

: Here here--DH

Even though it's not the most charming of topics - it's still relevant to the site - and we've had worse. And let's face it, if we're that supersensitive, maybe we should just stay off the net altogether.