Deep kimshe

Posted by Lotg (OZ) on September 02, 2004

Many years ago I worked for an American company and a Canadian boss (the GM). He had that wonderful off-the-wall Canadian sense of humour that I love. Whenever we were in any sort of bother with clients or whatever, he'd say "we're in deep kimshe here". I'd never heard that before, but he said it so often that we all found ourselves using it.

Eventually it occurred to me that I shouldn't assume that 'kimshe' was a polite alternative to 'sh*t' when I had no idea what it was. When I asked he said that he thought it was a Japanese word for cabbage.

My googling efforts have found numerous references to kimshe and it's obviously food, appears to be vegetable and is obviously used in Asian cooking. However, I cannot for the life of me find an actual definition or description of what it is.

Does anyone know what 'kimshe' actually is please?