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Turtles all the way down

Posted by Platypus on July 28, 2004

In Reply to: Turtles all the way down posted by Lotg (OZ) on July 28, 2004

: I'm reading a Michael Crichton book - Prey - and there's a paragraph in it that reads as follows:

: 'The assembler looked like a sort of pinwheel, a series of spiral arms going off in different directions, and a dense knot of atoms in the centre. "It's fractal, as I said" he said "So it looks like sort of the same at smaller orders of magnitude." He laughed. "Like the old joke, turtles all the way down".'

: Sorry about the large quotation, but I figured it might be necessary to keep it in context. I've never heard this joke or expression - "turtles all the way down". Has anyone else, and can you please explain? (ha ha, I sound like Pauline Hanson now - Aussie in joke.)