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Bings words meant something different

Posted by Lotg (OZ) on August 01, 2004

I was playing a Bing Crosby CD (yeah I know, there were no CDs then, but there are now). The swift evolution of words becomes apparent when you listen to his songs.

He sings of 'making love', of having a 'love affair' and of having a 'gay' time.

Then, making love didn't have to involve sex. Then a love affair didn't have to be clandestine. Then, gay didn't mean homosexual.

This evolution has been so swift.

When I was a kid (showing my age hey?), it was normal to have a gay time at a party. And while there may well have been gay people at the party, that wasn't the focus and that wasn't the meaning.

Can anyone tell me how 'gay' evolved to mean homosexual by-the-way?